Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Already been to Circuit City and came up empty. Now I'm at Target at 6:55am.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Attention College Basketball Recruiters...

Please see the following video of my 10 year old son Seth. We will be accepting invitations to visit ACC schools offering full scholarships. There is also a teammate and 5 year old brother whom you will also want to consider to round out your back court. I'm sure they will provide you years of conference superiority, as well as raise your scholar-athlete rankings. Unlimited XBOX and PS/3 access will be required, as well as an account on iTunes paid for by your booster club. Their agent and deal-maker will be the 7 year old brother. He usually gets what he wants.

Monday, November 3, 2008

If Caleb Could Vote...

Tonight, I was helping Lori by setting up a temporary tent at the school - and voting location - to raise money for the PTA on election morning (via coffee and donut sales). I took Caleb with me, and was assisted by some other friends. Also at the school were some folks putting up a sign right next to our tent. It said
To Vote for Change...
1. Vote Obama
2. Vote a straight Democratic ticket
3. Judges
I bit my tongue and did my PTA spousal duties.
Caleb didn't. He read the sign over and said in his usual loud powerful voice, "OBAMA! Why would anyone vote for OBAMA?! We're going to vote for the OTHER GUY!" to which I said "We've ALREADY voted for the other guy."
To point #2... I would question how voting a straight Democratic ticket in NC would result in any change. This state is largely controlled and run by the Democrats and has been for the length of my adult lifetime, as best as I can remember. And each year there is more and more corruption, much of which ends up in prison sentences for high-profile politicians. So not sure what kind of change would occur with a straight Demo ticket. Maybe different Democrats can go to prison in the future.

To point #3... Judges. Where's the verb? Is the sign-maker suggesting that we do away with verbs and just use nouns to change things? You've got to have verbs, no matter what party you're with.

Pictured is Caleb voting for change in the fish acquarium at Marbles Childrens' Museum.