Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Day Highlights

We had fun yesterday at Animal Kingdom. The one mishap was that I ripped my pants while rushing through the park trying to get a Fast Pass for an upcoming ride. I ducked between some guy and a shrub, and the shrup won. It's not a problem... I have one more pair of clean jeans that I can wear for 6 days.

The highlight of the day, if it was not the Mt. Everest ride, was the Lego Store at Downtown Disney. The kids really loved that, and I have many pictures stored at this link. Caleb managed to spend all of his fortune on 4 Lego toys... Go figure... we come all the way to Orlando to buy stuff we could have bought at home or online. That's what he's into these days.

This day was Lori's 29th birthday. Diney gives you a $75 merchandise gift card so that was nice. Today is Caleb's b-day, so we will be going to Epcot and probably taking the other birthday option of getting 4 Super Fast Passes.

Having Luke along has been fun this time, though we have been reminded several times why he didn't come last time. Somehow, he is the catalyst for arguments with his older brothers! All in all, we're having FUN!

Our cabin is pretty nice. Not elegant or luxurious at all, but functional and homey. We have about figured out the Disney bus system here, and hopefully our average wait time will improve over time. I'll post some more pictures later.

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Beth in NC said...

LOL ... yeah, I'd say the bush won.

I'm glad you guys are having fun!

Happy 29th (uhhh hemmm) birthday Lori!

Anonymous said...

I did not realize you were 29 already, Lori. Glad you married Blain and produced all those boys.
Just finished viewing all the pictures to date and it appears everyone is having a great time.
Love, Henry, AKA Pawpaw