Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vista Networking Issues Driving Me Crazy!!!

Since installing a new DLINK 632 router this weekend, the only Vista computer in the house cannot access internet.  Of course, this is Lori's computer, so mama ain't happy, and therefore no one is happy.

It gets an IP.  It can ping internet sites all day long.  But can't access any of them via web browsers or other apps.

I've tried all these things one by one and get same results.
  • ipconfig /release     then    ipconfig /renew   also threw in a flushdns
  • powered off and let computer sit for a while
  • powered off router and DSL modem and let them sit
  • disabled Norton AV
  • I've used every "diagnose and repair" button there is - and it keeps saying all is well.
  • Windows firewall not enabled
  • deleted the network device and rebooted allowing windows to reinstall it
  • tried all the stuff on this page:
  • uninstalled Norton AV.  
  • Disabled TCP v6 in the Networking properties (leaving only TVP v4)
  • plugged the network cable from PC into laptop and confirmed that the cabling is fine (the laptop connected wired OK)
  • took the new router out of the picture and went directly from Vista PC to DSL modem.  Logged through DSL broadband connection successfully.  Same results: Could ping internet, but not browse.
  • hard coded an IP address
  • When I look at "Network and Computer sharing"... it has the nice little graphic of the PC connected to the network, and the network connected to the Internet.
I have not reinstalled windows nor have I removed and reseated the network card.  I also have not thrown the PC out the 3rd floor window of our office, but it's crossed my mind.

I am stumped.

Any ideas?


Lori said...

Blain, Thanks so much for trying so hard! You're awesome! And btw, I'm not really "not happy" ... I do have my iPad. However, I'm getting a little worried now that my real computer may never recover!

Blain Dillard said...

I finally resolved this issue, and wanted to document what I did to fix it... The 64 / 32 bit clue allowed me to find the solution...

When I did this

netsh winsock reset

and rebooted...

everything was fixed.