Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3.5 More Pounds to go!

This last week has been very good, as I recovered from the Memorial Day run-up in weight to achieve a couple of new lows in the past few days. Now down to 242.6, leaving 3.4 pounds to go to reach the MINUS 40 goal. Looking pretty good on the graph. Running is really making the difference, as I typically will knock off 2-4 pounds of water weight with each run. Also the temperature is increasing, which drives even more sweating.
The nice part of this diet is all the new (old) clothes I get to wear. I now have 7 pairs of shorts that are too big for me. I have replaced them with about 13 pairs of shorts that previously did not fit at all! Many of those were brand new, received over the past few Christmases. I have none that are too small. I have about 4 belts that are too big, and 2 that fit, and none that are smaller. I have many pairs of blue jeans that are too big, about 4-5 that fit great now, and about 7-8 pairs that are smaller that I can shrink into. About half my dress pants are too big, half fit just fine, or are almost too big, and one pair is too small. I have many nice XXL shirts that are too big now, some of which are Tommy Bahama (argh!). So if I buy any new clothes it will be from Goodwill or yard sales and will be shirts and dress pants. All my shoes still fit, except my running shoes are about ready to be replaced. Doing good on socks. iPod earbuds still fitting OK.

Once I get to 239.2, I may post some of those silly pictures like you see in the diet ads of someone wearing their huge pants.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man! This is awesome! You're much more motivated than I am! I wish I could lose just 5 and keep it off (though I need to lose about 30!) Anyway - keep it up! I remember on of your dad's "diets." He went on a "cottage cheese and boiled egg diet." Seems like he ate a pound of cottage cheese and a half-dozen boiled eggs for breakfast. I don't think it worked for him. Anyway, I'm anxious to hear the progress and the race results. Your BFF Scott (I know "BFF" is a teeny-bobber girly thing, but I'm laughing.)