Thursday, June 26, 2008

The New Goal: 225 by 12/25

In keeping with the "goal" by rhyming "date" model, I have looked at the data and see that I have averaged about 1.6 pounds per week from the beginning of this diet, and 1.2 pounds per week over the last month. I don't see that pace continuing, but I want to set a motivating goal. So I am looking for about 15 more pounds, bringing me to 225 by 12/25. That gives me enough buffer to cut that 1.2 average in half and still make 225 over the next 180 days til Christmas.

Click on graph for larger view.

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Henry Dillard said...

Blain, I am so proud of you and the success you are havingon your weight loss program. You really looked great when you were up here last Sunday and Monday. If you keep it up, in todays jargon, people will start calling you "HOT".

Keep up the good work. We Love You All Dearly.