Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Relaxing and Reading

On our recent 2-day weekend beach trip, I actually got some time to read in peace,
during the daytime, and while not half asleep. It was Sunday morning before breakfast. The sun was up and so I made a makeshift screen using a chaise lounge chair, to block the brightness from my face. It was still a bit chilly, but a sweater was all that was needed to keep me warm. Lori brought out some coffee, and I found a way to combine the function of my reading glasses and my sunglasses. I kicked back to read my new ESV Study Bible - without rushing, without an agenda, without a time constraint, without a study guide, without a bible study lesson to prepare for my Life Group, and without being exhausted after a long day at work. The waves crashed continuously, as I read 1 Timothy as it was written - as a letter from one person to another. I wrote notes in the margins about things I wanted to investigate further. I underlined key passages. Then I started back over and made some progress in reading the study notes. I could have done this for hours. With a family inside, and breakfast cooking, the quiet time didn't last long, but it was nice while it did. Later, Caleb decorated my coffee table with sea shells and rocks, and Luke left a partially eaten apple. I thought that scene made a nice memory - one that I hope to recreate many times in the future. I love the beach.


Beth in NC said...

I adore the beach though I rarely get to see it! I'm glad you had that time alone with the Lord. Those moments are precious.

Anonymous said...

Blain, I know you enjoyed the beach time. It is such a pleasant place to relax, read and study.

Glad you got to go even though it was for such a brief time.