Monday, September 17, 2012

Grades and Caleb

Caleb is in 6th grade now, which means he is getting real grades for the first time.  After a few weeks of school, we're starting to see some results coming in, and overall we are very proud of him that he has an A or B in every class.  The only blemish was some math assignment where he got a 45.  Tonight I was driving him to his tutor and we were talking about it.

He said, "Yea I got that 45.  But I lost 5 points for turning it in late.". 

"I think that's your only assignment where you have something other than an A or B.   That's really good Caleb," I said.  Caleb then began recounting all his assignments, which it appears he has memorized.  "I got an A, an A, an A, an A, an A, an A, an A, a B, a B, a B, a B...".  

"Wow!  You remember all your grades," thinking he's got a plan.  "Are you trying to get all A's?" I asked.  Not one to be tied to a commitment he might be tracked on, Caleb shot back, "Oh no... I'm not trying to do anything!"  

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