Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Off This Week, But Busy

I took off all this week, and have been trying to move forward the MBA ball. Here are the main planets (aka dependencies) on my list that need to align:
  1. Conduct discussions with trusted colleagues (done)
  2. Convince myself that this is the right thing to do at this time in my life and career (done)
  3. Need sponsorship from my company (application submitted)
  4. Do well on the GMAT (scheduled for August 7 - I'm studying now)
  5. Get 3 letters of reference (3 people identified and informed)
  6. Write 3 essays (I have topics in mind)
  7. Transcripts ordered and sent to Duke (done)
  8. Resume updated and sent to Duke (done)
  9. Pre-qualification by Duke (pending review of resume and transcripts)
  10. Campus visit (July 25)
  11. Interview (TBD)
  12. Get my application in on time (August 13)
  13. Get accepted (4-6 weeks later)
  14. Get my job restructured so that it can be done in 40 hours a week starting in March, not 60
  15. Last but not least, get spousal support (I think I have that)

I have been studying the GMAT math portions the last 2 days, to brush up on some of the basic geometry and algebra needed. I've taken many practice questions, and have gotten to the point where I'm not missing questions because I don't know (as was the case last week), but because I am being careless. And so, I can fix that.

I'm switching gears to study verbal sections now. Hopefully, I've gotten better since my SAT days! Fun fun.

We just got back in town tonight after being in Richmond and/or Danville since Sunday. So the vacation is half over.

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